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Rockford Park District

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Your home for sports and recreation in the Rockford area. Visit one of our many parks, walk our paths and trails, or have fun at one of our facilities.

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West Rock Wake Park  
Updated 6 days ago Extension 40

Open - 
Open Tuesday to Sunday. Reservations required for every rider.

Tu to Fri: 12-8
Sat & Sun: 10-8

SLOW RIDE TIMES for riders that have passed a never ever class or ride boat a lot.

Tu to Fri: 12-2
Wed: 4-6
Sa & Su: 10-12

NEVER EVER/NEXT STEPS for first time riders.

Tu to Fri: 2 & 4
Sa & Su: 12, 2, & 4

DAY PASSES now avail for reservation. CORE Members please book online. Additional spots available per session.

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