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Download our free apps for iPhone and Android for easy status checking and updating.

Updating from Dial-in Telephone

Follow the instructions below to update your rainout line status. See the bottom for shortcut tips.

  1. Dial your rainout line phone number.
    • If you do NOT have multiple extensions:
      When you hear the greeting begin, press the * key, your PIN, and the # key.
    • If you DO have multiple extensions:
      When you hear the main menu greeting enter the extension number to update. When you hear the extension greeting press the * key, your PIN, and the # key.
  2. You will be prompted to choose the new status.
    1=Green (It's A Go!)   2=Yellow (Delayed)   3=Red (Canceled)   4=Questionable
  3. After choosing the status, you will be prompted to record a detail message - Press 2 to begin recording. Finish recording by pressing #.
  4. To keep your recording, press 1.
    To cancel and re-record, press 2.
    To listen to your recording, press 3.
    NOTE - You must hit 1 to save your recording. If you hang up without hitting 1 your status will not be saved.

Time-saving Shortcuts

  • If you have multiple extensions, you can jump straight into the update mode from the main greeting by entering: Extension*PIN#   example: 3*4321#
  • After recording your detail message, you can press the options directly 1, 2, or 3 instead of pushing # to stop recording. So if you mess up your recording and know you want to start over, you can press 2 to start over.