Rainout Line

Keep 'em Statusfied!

Sales & Support Phone

(888) 255-6110


  • Local Phone Number & No usage charges
  • Advanced "No" Busy Signal Technology*
  • Multiple Phone Extensions
  • Customized Website Dashboard
  • Free Android and iPhone Apps
  • Automatic Text and Email Messaging
  • Facebook and Twitter Feeds
  • Advanced Multi-User Security Levels
  • Includes up to 80k combined phone calls and text msgs
Note: This is only for organizations wishing to broadcast the status of their events or facilities. If you are trying to check the status of an event or facility, return to the home page and use the "Search for a Status" search box.
Trial accounts limited to 100 text or phone calls a day.

Reasons to Buy

  • The lowest price information phone system available today!
  • Less than a conventional phone line!
  • Less than a cell phone line!
  • The service is designed especially for you!
  • Keeping it SIMPLE! Easy to Update the information and Easy to Receive it!
  • Setting up the service only takes minutes!
  • You can replace your outdated system today with no worries!
  • In the middle of your season? NO PROBLEM. All you do is set up your line and when you're ready, use our easy LINK to WEBSITE banners provided for you. Once on your website, everyone will immediately know what number to call and how to access the customized website.

*Under typical usage